Ghost Audition Memos III – Minimizing Twixtor bullshit in practice (beyond just improving Twixtor itself)

tan(x) lens flare

As further explained in my Twixtor-AMV-guide, motion interpolation introduces so called Twixtor artifacts in the case that the motion of a scene could not be successfully replicated. In practice for anime footage this means that pretty much every single scene will have some sort of unwanted distortion and blending issues after interpolation, which in a lot of cases can ruin the whole impression of the scene.

This means that, ever since making AMVs, starting with Into The Labyrinth, a big fraction of the work went into minimizing the impact of these artifacts regarding the viewing experience. It is a very fine line to tread, as noticeable Twixtor artifacts can ruin the whole impression of a scene and sometimes even the whole video, but over-committing to remove every artifact can lead to an impossible amount of work per scene. I have to do some compromises and invest in creative effort to make it humanly possible that Twixtor artifacts go by unnoticed.

In this post I want to break down some of the common efforts that I usually go through before I can publish a video with good conscience.

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